Universal Phone Holder Support Page

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Universal Phone Holder Support Page

The Universal Phone Holder is the next thing you need when it comes to having your phone securely mounted while driving. As well it allows you to use it conveniently with just one hand.


 Universal Phone Holder

Here is the most up-to-date guide with everything you should know about the Universal Phone Holder.

Steps for Installation

Choose between Air Vent or Dash Mount.

Dash Mount:
1. Find a place on your dash and give it a quick wipe.
2. Remove 3m adhesive backing and secure onto your dash.
3. Wait at least 15 minutes before continuing with the rest of installation.
    Air Vent Mount:
    1. Adjust the securing hook to the right extension.
    2. Find a suitable air vent and latch the securing hook over vane in vent.
    3. Secure the hook until Vent Mount is secured in position.
      Finishing Installation:
      1. Unscrew ring on back of universal phone holder.
      2. Push the ball towards the chosen car holder.
      3. Mount through the ring into concave connector on the universal phone holder.
      4. Tightened ring to the desired position. 

      Frequently Asked Questions

       Placing and removing phone?

      Simply place phone downwards to lock in and lift upwards to release from universal phone holder.

      Can phone be placed horizontally?
      Unfortunately, the Universal Phone Holder only supports vertical/portrait orientations only.

      If you still have questions or troubles please email us directly through Walkntalksupport@pacificoptics.zohodesk.com