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walkntalk mobile phone accessories including phone chargers, cables, powerbanks, car accessories and more


Walkntalk is a trusted and well-known technology accessory brand in Australia. Known for its easily recognised packaging, coupled with the tried and tested technology Walkntalk is readily available in the most convenient of retail outlets and now available for you online.

All of our products are Apple certified, ensuring that our range will continue to work across all Apple devices. The Lightning connector that iPhones, iPods and iPads have been using since 2012 is a proprietary connector created by Apple. Inside each connector is a tiny authentication chip that tells your device its Apple MFI certified. This is of the utmost importance as non-certified (or knock-off) cables can regularly not work with your Apple device, bringing up a warning message when a non-MFI cable has been detected or in some instances damage your device.

To achieve Apple MFI Certification Walkntalk has to pass the Apple approval process by submitting all Lightning products to Apple’s testing facility to undergo mechanical, stress and electrical tests. To maintain the high quality expected from MFI certified products, Apple regularly audits our manufacturing facilities which is why we back our products with a 2-year warranty. 


Premium Charge & Sync Cables: More Protection

Walkntalk’s new Built Tough Premium Charge and Sync Cables have been specifically designed to withstand the toughest consumer. The new tougher housing extends down the cable offering protection from wear and tear on the ‘grab points’ of the cables. The cables have been factory tested to withstand more than 100,000 cycles of bending the cable back and forth at a 130-degree angle making splitting and breakages a thing of the past.


Walkntalk Is Australia’s #1 Accessory brand and is experiencing strong brand recognition across its range of car chargers, wall chargers, charge and sync cables, auxiliary cables, Powerbanks and car mobile phone holders.


WalknTalk Braided Sync Cables

  • No Tangles, No Twists & No Fraying

  • High Speed Data Transfer & Power Charge
  • High Gauge Cable = High Quality
  • High Grade Heat Insulation
  • MFI Certified


Cheap PVC Sync Cables

  • Kinks & Tangles
  • Frays & Break Easily
  • Slow Transfer Of Data
  • Low Gauge Cable = Low Quality
  • At Times Will Only Charge but Will Not Sync


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    Walkntalk has a great range of mobile phone holders, cables and accessories for staying connected when you're on the move.


    Walkntalk has a great range of power and charging devices suitable for your smartphones and technology devices.


    Walkntalk has a great range of charge and sync cables made from durable materials and premium technology.