36W Dual USB Car Charger Support Page

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Are you ready to Fast Charge? A new higher powered version of charging is here. Charge your iPhone, Samsung or Android Device to 50% from flat in just 30mins all with the confidence that comes with a Walkntalk product. This car bullet charger allows charging by USBC output for Fast Charge Compatibility but also a tradition USBA output at normal charge speeds. This car bullet charger allows more power flow at 36W and is ready to fast charge. No more waiting hours for a recharge, welcome to more time staying connected.


 Dual USB to USB Adaptors

Steps for Installation

 Dual USB to USB Adaptors


Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work in my car?
If your car has an auxiliary power outlet that contains electricity it should work. Newer cars tend to not support the traditional auxiliary power outlets.

Is this compatible with my devices?
If you have an iPhone or Android phone cable, if they have a USB-C or USB-A output it will be compatible with this car charger.

If you still have questions or troubles please email us directly through Walkntalksupport@pacificoptics.zohodesk.com